Brawl Stars locks the Star League and Club League matchmaking

brawl stars continues its process of constant evolution and already knows it new roadmap for the near-term future of the game. A series of novelties that will also focus on improving matchmaking in various plots of the Supercell title.

And it is that not everything will talk about the new masters of fighters, which will be the focus of the next update in late February. Something as important as matchmaking also deserves attention, especially if there is any doubt about what it will and will not affect, within brawl stars.

Well, there are many users who have been asking for some change in the great games both in Star League and Club League for a long time. Especially in high ranks, where it’s easy to find rivals with 40,000 or 45,000 trophies, when you have ‘only’ 30,000.

A user posed this question to Frank Keienburg, Head of Development brawl starsto which he answered firmly the matchmaking of the stellar games is designed like this (where you can get people of two ranks higher or lower than you – and in the case of the Club League, rivals of the same rank), regardless of the number of trophies of the user.

In fact, in Star League, the rank of the highest ranked player on the team is always taken into account, preventing a diamond from helping a friend who just installed the game and is in bronze to climb up. And that there are no plans to change that aspect of the game.

It will change and improve matchmaking on a global level, and in matches where trophies are up for grabs, and potentially affect challenges as well. But in the league, everything will remain as it is, at least until further notice.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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