Brawl Stars is making a surprise skin for the Candyland season

We are in the middle of Chuchelandia season brawl starsand it looks like there’s still room for unannounced news, like the possibility of seeing one last surprise skin before the end of February.

season 18 of brawl stars It doesn’t start until March 6 and before that it’s time to enjoy a good Brawl Talk, on January 18 or 25. And before you have to go through the San Brawlentín event already announced there in December

And it still seems that there may be more, or so they make us believe from the official social networks, who play at the beginning of February to give us the power and authority to decide which new skin to release, not for the next one, but for this one, all season 17.

They temporarily make us ‘the master of cakes’, the big boss, and throw the question at them what skin do we want them to releaseaccompanied by three aspects we have never seen before: Mr.P pastry chef, Lou pancakes and Gale ice cream man. Is it possible that one of the three, or all three, is a reality?

Most likely it’s more of a community building game, which they put a lot of effort into, than something flashy. But we also can’t close ourselves to the possibility that there is some hidden surprise in all of this. Because it’s not even a poll, but a question on the air, accompanied by an illustration, which repeatedly shows us aspects that don’t exist, and probably never will.

But dreaming is free, and brawl stars is a title that allows us to do it quite often. Especially when the community has so much power and ultimately inspires the medium and long term gaming experience.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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