Marvel Snap: Best 4 Decks for Plunder Castle Location

Marvel Snap welcomes you to this February 1 to the Looting castlethe last of the new Savage Land seasonal locationsanother little bombshell after Tuesday’s update and the surprise balance change.

Leader’s nerf is expected to be noticed, but maybe not on a day like today where we can make use of it in a loot castle if the locations match up well. Well, because it’s a novelty, Plunder Castle will be featured, which means it’s going to be 40% more frequent in the next 48 hours. Something we can take advantage of if we adapt well.

A location that forces us to do so only 6 cost cards can be played herewhich blocks us in many ways, but also allows us to play in many different ways to hit the opponent and win Marvel Snap.

The classics that never fail

A fairly basic and affordable deck with the Destroyer entry. Multiple combos like Klaw’s to support Plunder Castle, Warpath with the Destroyer’s final entry and taking the buff, or protecting a collective with Armor, as well as nullifying his passive earlier with Zero. Many turns that the rival may not expect.

incantations everywhere

Another more powerful but riskier option is to fill Plunder Castle with summons by pulling Doctor Doom and White Tiger. Wave can help us advance cards like Vision, which also allows us to move to the area in the last turn.

castle loot deck 2 wonder snap

the trick of the wave

Another option is to give up playing at Castillo Plunder, as Wave’s entry on turn 5 means none of us can play there. As a variant, it is with Zabu to destroy and repeat combos with Absorbing Man.

castle loot deck 3 wonder snap

The Orca Effect

Many will consider the Hulk a powerful final card to play in Plunder Castle, but the Orca solo option gives us 14 strength, in another variation that could very well be taken into account.

castle loot deck 4 wonder snap

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