Marvel Snap nerfs leader again in latest balance change

This last update was expected from Marvel Snap for a variety of reasons but what many may not have expected is that in a patch intended to integrate a huge need, we also have a balance change for Leader, plus Wolverine.

Urgent changes that couldn’t wait for the new season, and that even seem to want to overshadow the good news that finally we can play with friends thanks to the new Battle Modeinvite with a comfortable code and enjoy this renewed gaming experience.

But as we said, that’s not all, because another series throwback for cards like She-Hulk, Titania, and Absorbing Man, which are easier to get after this.

January’s urgent balance sheet change

It’s only been 20 days since Leader got a good nerf, and the team joined Marvel Snap He didn’t want to wait for the next season and its update to make new changes in the form of a new grain for one of the most broken maps in the game. Without touching Zabu or Silver Surfer at the moment.


A an edit for Leader many will appreciate that, but that seems like a clear grain, because from now on You can only copy the opponent’s cards in the location on the right. Such a huge blow his strength is increased from 3 to 7.


On the contrary, Wolverine gets a big improvement, as he now gains +2 strength every time he regenerates after being destroyed. That gives him a huge plus that he can take advantage of just like with Deadpool, with absolutely lethal combos.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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