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Brawl Stars launches the Survival Challenge (Duo)

This 2023 has started strong brawl stars with the celebration of Survival Challenge (Solo)a challenge that tests us on several levels, both skill and knowing how to choose a good brawler for each map, as well as the degree of temptation to team up or camp more than necessary.

A challenge that has also aroused natural interest in it. return from a survival challenge (duo)of which we have pleasant memories of the past, as a whole free skin was put on the line for Bo, for those who managed to come out victorious at the end of the road.

Whether or not we’ve completed the current challenge, it’s impossible not to think we might have one in Duo mode close by, and for that matter, good old Dani Medeiros, Community Manager of brawl starsseems he has something to tell you about the unknown response to a user who made this exact request.

It will not be in the short term, of course, because this week, in addition to the return to the Club League, we also have to prepare very well. Because for the weekend from February 3-5, the Championship Challenge returnsthe first stop on the 2023 competitive circuit, and which once again opens the door for us to try and go as far as possible.

That Yes, after the maximum competitive challenge to start the month of February, and a possible challenge from San Brawlentín for the following weekend, they could start turning the gears to prepare this Survival Challenge (Duo) that will have a great part of the community expects so much.

When the time comes, it’s critical to revisit the meta, as a partner’s participation can heavily shape brawlers’ choice and thus overcome the aforementioned challenge.

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