Supercell presents Squad Busters, its new hybrid game Brawl + Clash

Are you a fan of royal clash Y brawl stars? Well, Supercell comes with the gift of announcing Squad Busters, a new game that combines the universes of Clash and Brawl to one, to collect them all in the same place.

The Finnish company has already published a first teaser which you can see in action Colt, with the Montapuercos, El Primo and the Barbarian battling the extinct Urban Invasion Dinosaurplus other promotional images of Shelly with the barbarian weather, plus the chicken van Hay day and the doctor or villain of Tree beach.

All Supercell universes are collected in this Squadbusters about which little or nothing else is known, until the much-anticipated beta launches in a few days, revealing the gameplay of a mysterious title that has much of each title’s communities in suspense.

brawl stars, royal clash, Hay day Y Tree beach all in one game. Another litmus test for Supercell to reach a larger audience, hooking it from one universe to the next, in a totally deadly trap.

Of course, as usual in Supercell, Squadbusters will initially only be available in Canadaas it has already happened with other games from the company, starting with brawl starsor the not so recent beta of Bot Mini or Clash heroes.

Far from expanding any of those universes even more (although many would like it to happen with brawl stars and its own story mode), all come together in this new title from the Finnish company. There are many doubts in the air, but in a few days we will begin to reveal them.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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