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ESLAND 2023: full list of all winners

The big time of the year has arrived for the streaming community. A gala of the ESLAND Awards 2023 which burst the National Auditorium in Mexico City and in which the winners of each of the candidacies were finally announced.

Some accolades for a Spanish-speaking community, who sees a gift at the Grefg gala, in memory of the best moments of the year. From journalism to esports, through the unforgettable clips, events and memories of a memorable year on Twitch. With the sauce from the inclusion of the Squid Craft Games 2 Announcement.

A gala to remember, bathed in the performances by Lola Indigo and Jhay Cortezwith which the ESLAND takes another leap in terms of a show no one wanted to miss, reaching an insane audience, with a million spectators from the red carpet and over a million and a half for most of the night.

All winners of the ESLAND 2023 Awards

And it wasn’t easy to get here. Because of the infrastructure and the complexity of organizing something as gigantic as the ESLAND awards. But also because it has been extremely difficult to choose the winners from this all finalists in each category.

Clip of the Year – Gerard Romero (La Haka)

clip of the year gerard romero

Fail of the Year – Manute (there goes my burst)

fail of the year manute

Dance of the Year – Carreraa (de Woody)

dance of the year the woody

Angry of the Year – Luzu

angry luzu year

Esports Player of the Year – Jelty

jelty esport player of the year

Caster of the Year – Vicky Palami

caster of the year vicky palami

Best Reporting – Gerard Romero (JIJANTES)

news coverage gerard romero

Talk Show of the Year – Jordi Wild (The Wild Project)

talk show of the year jordi wild

IRL Streamer of the Year – Kidi

streamer irl kidi

Song of the Year – Robleis (solo)

song of the year robleis

Vtuber of the Year – Silverk

vtuber of the year silverk

Role Player of the Year – JuanSGuarnizo

role player of the year juansguarnizo

Best Content Miniseries – Squid Craft Games

content miniseries squid craft games

Event of the Year – The Evening of the Year II

event of the year evening II ibai

Surprise Category: Best Career – Germán Garmendia (HolaSoyGermán)

track holasoy german

Breakthrough Streamer – Spreen

streamer revelation spree

Best Content Series – Ded Challenge 2

dedsafio content series 2

Streamer of the Year – Ibai

ibai streamer of the year

    Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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