Fortnite filters Tilted Floors return for Chapter 4

Tilted towers It was, is and will be the history of Fortnite forever. The game is not understood in the same way without this mythical location that was synonymous with death in the first seasons, given its popularity. Everyone always wanted to fall there.

But long ago it was destroyed. The lore of the battle royale, the destruction of the islands and the inexorable passage of time led us to say goodbye to her. Until just a year ago we received the gift of return of sloping floorswho accompanied us again during the following seasons, until it was destroyed again during the Fracture event that ended Chapter 3.

Since then only the mythical Clock Tower survives In a cave hidden in the snow. A snow that, as before, hid the location under a huge iceberg, could once again house some of the remains of the city. Or at least that seems to indicate some of the internal files of Fortnite.

And it is that in one of the last patches a sound command called AmbientBank_Titled_Towers appeared. Kind of ambient noise for a bank at this location. Of course the file has a trick, because Pisos Picados in English is Tilted Towers, not Titled Towers… a typo, or a game by the developers to keep up the hype and conspiracy theories.

Of course, the construction of the strange gigantic portal will come along stargate could have a lot to do with this. Not only as part of the final event of the season, but also that portal can return the city of Tilted Floors to Chapter 4 from Fortnite.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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