Fortnite: how to take out a player with no ranged weapons in inventory

No more delays like in previous weeks, Fortnite activated the new batch of weekly missions on Tuesday, January 24. A new, easy list to complete, but it challenges us to do other things, like not win competitions. So if we win one, it won’t count towards the mission.

A curiosity that also stands out thanks to the return of the bushes in the form of loot, which we will have to throw in and hide to complete other of these missions, in addition to throwing objects of all kinds, or the usual passage through the creative mode in search to those 50,000 experience points.

But there is a challenge that stands out for its rarity and complexity, depending on the case, which reads as follows: Eliminate a player with no ranged weapons in your inventory while standing. Or what is the same, get ready to kill someone in hand-to-hand combat… or not.

How to take out a player with no ranged weapons in inventory while in Fortnite

The latter is an important nuance, since we could not have weapons in the inventory and kill an enemy with a vehicle. But here everything is in not having ranged weaponsbut we can have potions, first aid kits… or a Shock Hammer.

The best option to solve the mission is that the opponent is not too strong. If we deem it feasible, we can start hitting him with any weapon until he twitches, at which point it’s time to throw all our weapons on the ground, exposing us a lot to his shots, and finish him off with melee.

The shock hammer can be a great option, the bad thing is that if he has more life than the one who removes the hammer, by taking the opponent away we give him the option to flee. So maybe it’s better to approach directly with our beaks and try to never get in front of them and risk firing at close range. Once eliminated with the collection tool, or knocked down in duos and squads and partner knocked out or finished off in any way, we’ve completed this curious mission.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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