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Auronplay clarifies when Minecraft Extreme will end and the epic finale

Life can be cruel at times, and it is cruel in a Minecraft Extreme that does not allow the participants or the audience to breathe. The fears are constant on one side or the other, as many try to live the series in a calm way, until suddenly … a poisonous spider in the house!

That’s why, and far from having countless kills in PvP moments (where the usual trend is to hide and dedicate yourself to other tasks), the Eliminated list increases each passing day On the first day many were touched and hung by a thread, but it was the only one where no one died.

With a perfectly calculated timing so that the series lasts in between two and three weeksthe admin team is already free at what exact time should the series endand give it as epic an ending as possible.

And it is that at one time 45 of the participants died and there are only 20 survivors left, the series will end with server shutdown. Anyone alive until then will have the privilege of playing the Minecraft Extreme Finals. And breathe easy because you’ve come this far, where many others have perished.

After a well-deserved rest of a few days to coordinate them all, those 20 contestants play the series winner prize in a multi-hour event in the purest style The hunger Games. Pure and hard-hitting survival, where only the best can rise as champions. The question is whether many of the favorites who have already lost a life, or even two, will make it to the Grand Final.

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