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Brawl Stars explains Story Mode (PvE) release delay

many players from brawl stars We remember Brawl Talk from last August 2022, where the head of development himself, Frank Keienburg, released the first clue about the future history mode of the Supercell title.

A whole bomb that was thrown out in the past rumors, because the idea that a game is fun brawl stars had a story mode However, the rework of PvE modes will be the basis for ‘a place where they can tell a story in the future’in the developer’s exact words.

Now that rework, which has been in the works for months, is mentioned again in the roadmap for the short term of the team. A moment that Frank himself wanted to seize to explain why this whole adventure was delayed.

And that’s it originally the start of the story mode was scheduled for last October 2022. Or rather, in that update is when the weekend special events (PvE) rework would arrive, but «the design did not meet internal expectations»

Some expectations that clearly point to something bigger than a simple editing of the special modes, because behind that they hide this history mode in which you can tell a whole story through special events. In fact, during this time they have «keep working on the topic until you find what really excites the team«.

Now everything seems closer than ever, and the hype to see what all the fuss is about is finally unstoppable. It won’t be a typical story mode, of course, but it will be a new lore where all that Starr Park era mystery that was so disturbing at the time can be exploited again.

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