The new Brawl Stars roadmap: masteries, reworks and reports

This 2022 was a great year for it brawl starsintroducing many new features that the community has long been waiting for, and also other surprises that have disrupted absolutely everything, such as the remove boxes.

We’ve needed it most rework reinforcementsand with the aforementioned byebyeboxes, came a total change in both the Trophy Path and the appearance of the Starr Trail. But probably nothing beats the first brush strokes of something that was needed from day 1 brawl stars: the report player button.

With these changes, many others appear on the horizon, and good old Frank Keienburg, head of development at brawl stars, he reminded us on social networks, in yet another example of his involvement in his community. Emphasize the approach arrival of brawlers masteries.

There are no big surprises, but it is remarkable to see how the reporting system will continue to improvesince it’s currently only available in great games (perhaps where it’s most needed), and it’s expected to be we can report in normal games once an investigation is done on the good or bad use we give to this tool.

In addition to these and the master’s programs, there is also still pending the edit to special weekend events or PvE modes. Something necessary to give a different approach to the game itself, which seems to have a hidden ambition in this matter.

And of course other small but equally necessary changes such as Improved matchmaking, new brawler refreshes, friend recruitment and moment sharing facilities on our social networks.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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