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Brawl Stars changes the Championship circuit with a new collection of cards

With the start of the new year, brawl stars prepares us for the new competitive circuit, starting with the February Championship Challenge, which is practically imminent. Just two weeks apart, and you should know what we’re in for.

In that regard, the Supercell team has never hid its cards. An important moment is coming, one that many players have been waiting for for months, as the World Finals and the ensuing break leave us without the usual monthly challenge. So important that knowing what the scenarios will be is a necessity.

in this way brawl stars already released the new one map pool for the competitive Februaryincluding the aforementioned Championship Challenge, which is of course subject to future changes for the coming months, in those cards they deem convenient to remove to insert others that the community dictates as favourites.

The new collection of competitive Brawl Stars maps
  • gem catcher
    • hard rock mine, Double Swoosh and Crystal Arcade
  • fight ball
    • Super Beach, Pinhole Point and Sneaky Fields
  • star fighter
    • Shooting star, Grand Canal and Layer cake
  • Restricted area
    • Ring of fire, dueling beetles and open zone
  • knockout
    • Goldarm Gulch, Out in the Open and Belle’s Rock
  • Robbery
    • Pit stop, safe zone and bridge too far

A total of 18 maps for the 2023 game (at least for now), at a rate of three maps for each of the six main modes. It is therefore time to study them and practice more if possible, and that the daily rise in our trophies or star competition does not detract from what lies ahead.

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