Marvel Snap: best decks for Rickety Bridge


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Marvel Snap It’s back for the first time, this time to put ourselves to the test through one of this season’s new locations from Tierra Salvaje: the rickety bridgeideal for destruction decks.

The ability of this location, or rather the rule to which it subjects us, is that if there are more than one card at the end of each turn, destroy them. So it can work like similar placements like Space Throne where each player can only play one card. Of course with the addition that we can use that destruction to our advantage.

Being a novelty of this season of Marvel Snap, we will have it as a highlight in the next few hours, which is why it will appear more often in our games. And there’s nothing better than using destruction decks to get more out of our games.

under cover of death

Nova and Bucky Barnes They’re two pieces in need of repair, and nothing better than trying to sneak Death, using rival deaths. Failing that, Dracula could be a good option if we save Death of The Infinaut for the end of the game.

Devil dinosaur? Naturally!

There are those who want to bury it, but Devil Dinosaur can and will remain deadly. In this destructive variant, but with drawing cards, we can surprise in the last turn and, depending on the rival games, end Death’s double combo or destroy their plans with Shang-Chi.

rickety bridge deck 4 wonder snap

You can’t make it

Another very different strategy is to block your rival’s location. Whether it’s with eject cards or closing it out early, you can secure the point, even if that means some sacrifice with Polaris.

rickety bridge deck 2 wonder snap

The Armor variant

And of course we can ignore all these effects and counter the opponent’s destruction deck with cards like Colossus and armor. Going so far as to block the location and use the combination Warpath and Klaw to put pressure on other areas while closing another with Professor X.

rickety bridge deck 3 wonder snap

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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