LoL: LEC rosters for the first episode of 2023


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Few days left until the election LEC Start again for another year and there’s more to the teams than just confirming their rosters. Europe’s biggest rivalry returns January 21 with one of its main stars, RekklesFnatic confirming he’s back in the team seeing it grow.

Next year it will stand out with new changes, LEC 2023 will be divided into two three compartments (winter, spring and summer) are shorter and more intense, with a single grand finale to crown the champion of the season.

mad lions

After failing to make it to the group stage, but after a good world rollout, MAD Lions have confirmed Hylissang’s featured roster after leaving Fnatic.

  • Upper Plane: Chasy
  • Forest: Elyoya
  • Middle: Nisqy
  • ADC: Carzzy
  • Support: Hylissang

Infidel Team

The new Spanish team has confirmed their roster will debut in the highest League of Legends category in Europe.

  • Senior: House
  • Forest: Jankos
  • Medium: Ruby
  • ADC: Jackspektra
  • Support: Mersin


The team already has a confirmed roster and the addition of former G2 support Targamas.

  • Upper Plane: Odoamne
  • Forest: Xerxe
  • Medium: Vetheo
  • ADC: Patrick
  • Support: Targamas


Astralis brings together several names already known in Europe to form a new team with a good projection for the future.

  • Upper Plane: Finn
  • Forest: 113
  • Middle: Dajor
  • ADC: Kobe
  • Support: Jeanghoon


The British team starts off as one of the favourites, with the return of their superstar Rekkles, who won’t be sharing the same lines as Hylissang this time. Good substitute support After the World Cup, Rhuckz is the bottom lane backup and the other lanes remain the same.

  • Upper Plane: Wunder
  • Forest: Razor
  • Medium: Humanoid
  • ADC: Rekkles
  • Support: Rhuckz

SK Gaming

With a completely new roster, SK aims to do a better job than previous seasons by building their team from the ground up.

  • Top Level: Irrelevant
  • Forest: Markon
  • Middle: Sertuss
  • ADC: Exakick
  • Support: File

G2 Esports

The team will face a 2023 after many changes. Jankos’ departure, G2’s mainstay, will be curtailed by Mikyx’s return to bottom lane.

  • Upper Plane: Broken Blade
  • forest: yes
  • Middle: Capitals
  • ADC: Hans Sama
  • Support: Mikyx


The Ibai team, which took a place in the LEC after its merger with Rogue, announced its roster at the last Gamergy.

  • Senior: Szygenda
  • Forest: Malrang
  • Middle: Larsen
  • ADC: Mandatory
  • Support: Trymbi

Team Vitality

Perkz will remain on the roster for next year, along with 4 new teammates, among which former Mad Lions support Kaiser stands out.

  • Upper Plane: Photon
  • Forest: BO
  • Agent: Perkz
  • ADC: Neon
  • Support: Kaiser

Team BDS

The team plans to fight for playoff spots with only one new signing in mid lane.

  • Senior: Man
  • Forest: Sheo
  • Medium: Nuclear
  • ADC: Crown
  • Support: Labrov

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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