Extreme Minecraft: the complete and official list of all participants

Auronplay and his team have almost everything ready for the start of Minecraft Extremethe new series that will start this 2023 in style, full of suspense but also with large doses of fun in each of the deaths, many of them absurd.

The start is already ready for the next one Tuesday January 17, and the participants know all the rules to follow to avoid unpleasantness. After all, this is not going to be an Extreme Minecraft to use, but in the style of Reborn, Tanizen and Auron, true to be able to chill and play to resist till the end.

A very special third edition, as it will be the first major series of the year, and it will also coincide with some ESLAND which will serve as an excuse for many of the participants to rest for a few days and start their lives in extend the series. Although it will be one of the few reasons why one can escape from not enforcing certain hours.

All participants of the Minecraft Extreme

The initial list of around 25 participants was already very short, and Auron himself recently confirmed the official list of participants, which is now more than 60 streamers. A list that is a priori closed, but has some last-minute items added due to oversights in making the final list, or last-minute confirmations that should not be missing.

  • 8cho
  • Ale IV
  • arigames
  • aroyitt
  • Auronplay
  • Axozer
  • bijin
  • Breifrg
  • Carol
  • cristini
  • ElDed
  • deqiuv
  • Dess
  • edurne
  • Eliza Waves
  • ElMariana
  • elperita
  • Focus
  • Folagor
  • Genesis
  • Is going
  • hitboxes
  • Ibai
  • magnetized
  • Jackie
  • kid
  • josechrist
  • Joseph
  • Juan Guarnizo
  • Kayal
  • Karchez
  • JCorko
  • Comanches
  • lol
  • Markilokuras
  • mayichi
  • Nexxuz
  • miss
  • Missa Symphony
  • Mix well
  • girl
  • No Ojeda
  • Noni
  • Ollie
  • A D
  • perxite
  • Pol
  • quackery
  • reborn
  • Ricoy
  • rioboe
  • robleis
  • roier
  • Rubius
  • Shadowune
  • Spreen
  • stratus
  • Tanizen
  • DeGrefg
  • Vicens
  • Violet
  • Virus
  • volcano
  • Zoman

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