Kings League: The Queens League is already a fact

The king’s competition it is closer than ever as all teams have their players and technical team. the cThe 7-a-side football league hosted by streamers will revolutionize Twitch in January and the latest announcement is the creation of the queens competition.

The Women’s football it will become a reality on Twitch thanks to the creation of this league that is already looking for presidents and players to participate. Following the format of the Kings League, the league has already placed an ad on InfoJobs for anyone to sign up.

The last Kings League gala served to show that the presidents had made reconnaissance tasks and select the best possible team to compete with in this first season, which, as already known, will begin in the afternoon of January 1.

We’ve seen that in the Kings League too, so it wasn’t a conventional league, Piqué announced a set of rules that will make the parties different and change the regulations. What new rules will appear in Queens League matches?

From now on the search player and it is expected that the same estimated number of people will participate as in the Kings League draw. We still don’t know who the presidents of the clubs will be, but according to the format, they will be creators of content related in some way to football and sports.

One of the requirements to register for the vacancy is to send a video showing what you can do in the profession. Although it is not very clear in the offer whether you can also become president without being a content creator, the account itself is InfoJobs has dropped on twitter that it will be a possibility.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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