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Brawl Stars: what happened to Frank’s lost skin?

Know all the short term future of it brawl stars Regarding the new season and the new skins, a question arises in the air of the community. What happened to Frank’s pending new skin?

Last September, Lost Spirit Frank emerged as the winning skin of the latest Supercell MAKE. It’s not that it’s been a long time, but many who remember it now are starting to get nervous about its release.

It’s true that DJ EMZ took about four months to release after being announced the winner, and Colette Gladiadora also took about three months before that. Three months is what we’ve been waiting for since ‘Frank Espíritu Perdido’ was announced, but with the handicap of getting the January and February 2023 skins.

Which brings us to the fact that at least Lost Spirit Frank won’t be featured until the Brawl Talk at the end of February, and could be one of the skins from Season 18 which kicks off on March 6. No less than six months after winning the Supercell MAKE. But brawl stars ask for peace of mind as it will of course arrive sooner or later.

At the request of a Twitter user, Supercell title development lead Frank Keienburg asked for peace of mind and announced that it will be released in-game clearly. Except that They don’t have an estimated date yet..

Without haste, and with all the hard work for the new era without boxes and with the star gone, it was more than foreseeable that some other secondary cases would remain in the pipeline. So anyone waiting for Frank’s skin to peel off will have to wait a little longer.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque