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Marvel Snap: Galactus in the crosshairs for a rework or a nerf

Marvel Snap continues to evolve, and it is that after the new game modes and maps, the team has also set its sights on each of the variants that the game has today, with a special mention in Galactus.

It has been none other than Ben Brode himself, developer and creative director of Marvel Snapthe one responsible for announcing on his official Twitter account that Galactus “ORn the watch list«. This can mean several things in the world of online card games: on the one hand a rework over commented by the community, or on the other hand a simple nerf, which seems to be the option with most optionssaid the developer himself.

What is a watch list?

A watchlist, literally translated, is a series of variants that developers watch for change, as there are certain cards that can dominate the meta by steering it in the same direction, or others that simply disappear if not used.

One of the reasons this nerf could be gaining weight is that It’s a very drastic card in terms of how to use itas it has the ability to destroy the other locations if it remains unique in another of the same.

Despite everything, the news was really surprising to a large part of the community, since this card is not at all common in medium and high elo decks, and many low elo’s don’t even have it. Far from other cards like Aero or Leech that clearly dominate the meta.

On the other hand, Ben Brode himself has announced that there are many other cards on the same list besides Galactus, so we can rest easy about the health of the Marvel game itself and its preservation.

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