First look at the possible change of the Brawl Stars balance in December


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with the wake of one supposed Brawl Talk very soon, brawl stars is preparing for the new update. Whether it arrives at the beginning or the end of December, the announcement and the actu are a reality to determine what awaits us at the beginning of 2023.

There are many novelties that people expect, such as an extension of the report button to other modes such as the Club League, the appearance of the Omega boxreworking the special weekend events or the new ways to unlock brawlers the recruitment path and color tokens.

But whatever comes and not everything in December, what will surely come is another balance change, a good assortment of buffs and nerfs. Something very necessary to change this goal, so clear and so dominated by the same fighters as ever since they arrived. So today we’re going to talk about some of those possible changes.

Possible buffs and nerfs for December

Since coming into the game, and despite receiving some nerfing, there are brawlers that are still very much on top brawl stars like Janet or Bonnie, but also a classic like Genius. And it’s better not to talk about Gus, or even Sam or the new brawler, because despite the multiple nerfs for Buster before the World Finals, he can still be seen in some World Cup matches.


  • Janet: Still one of the best in many game modes. Reducing his health slightly and extending the super charge time may be an option.
  • Bonnie:His sister is also too strong. The damage it does out of its course can be one of the points of interest.
  • otis: One of the meta kings. Taking range away from him can be too punitive, and too much reach can put him off. But some change is needed.
  • Gus: Another newcomer to drop. Has it all. The shield should be untouchable, but maybe the damage dealt.
  • Genius: With the new gear he’s leveled up even more, tapping his super’s base range will allow him to return to a more normal state and maybe reduce the damage a bit.


  • Lou: He has been gone for a long time. In the bass it masters, which is why it’s hard to play something without breaking it completely. It can increase the damage, but also extend the charging time of the super.
  • Byron: Almost completely disappeared when he was king. Needs light buffs to damage, don’t touch heals for balance.
  • crow: A classic that hasn’t been seen in a while. He has tools to master, but he lacks an asset to work with the best.
  • sprout: In the lowlands and some specific maps, it is very dominant, but it has also fallen excessively.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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