When will the Marvel Snap update come with balance changes?

The Wakanda Fighters season is over Marvel Snap is coming to an end, and that means we’ll have a new one soon update Tons of news and juicy content to keep in mind for the game’s near and medium-term future.

We’re talking about two new sets of cards (or so the team calls the pools), such as set 4 with She-Hulk, Mbaku, Titania or Agent Coulson, as well as set 5 with Shuri, Galactus, Thanos and the infinite gems But also a powerful way to get new cards thanks to the tokens.

And it is that of the new update, Marvel Snap gets a big change with the symbol shop, which allows us to unlock specific cards that we don’t have yet. This store is updated every 8 hours, but we can block it as soon as we see a letter that interests us a lot and we still don’t have enough tokens to buy it.

Likewise, the next patch comes with a balance change which is not expected to be too powerful as most of the cards are fairly well balanced. Some only fit certain decks, that’s true, but if you improve them too much, they’ll break completely. But we could see nerfs to Wong, Armor, or Morbiuslike buffs to Groot or The Thing.

But that’s not all, because two novelties can also be developed at the same time, such as the unranked mode, where you can try out decks without fear of losing positions in your range; as well as the expected friendly fightswhich may take a little longer as there is no list of friends yet.

Is update is coming before the new season starts, set for just one week from now, next Monday, December 5. And following the title’s usual modus operandi which is almost always updated on Tuesday, we could be talking about an upcoming patch for this Tuesday 29 Novor for him Thursday 1 Decsince Thursday was the chosen day in the last actu of Marvel Snap.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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