Bad news for Marvel Snap, giving up improving their events

If you are a lover of events in any game, Marvel Snap has very bad news for you. It is frustrating for many how the events work within their game, and everything indicates that they will remain that way in the short and medium term, without any improvement.

In fact, despite the massive card game fever sweeping mobile platforms (and even on PC), there are many users who are completely unaware of the existence of the events. That’s how ‘serious’ is this problem in a tool that no one understands what it’s doing there without being usable.

We have already enjoyed the event of the symbiotes, that of Halloween, and since a few days we have that of Black Panther’s Vibranium Forge. And to find them, you need to go to the news tab, located at the bottom right of the game’s main lobby. Although at the moment none of them have served to get any noteworthy reward other than getting 100 or 50 credits as the end goal (the daily gift we get in the shop).

Therefore many users they expected improvements in events soonbut the development team has something to say about it and that it’s moving in the opposite direction especially since they have much higher priorities like the token upgrade.

Here’s how they explained it recently in a Reddit Q&A, arguing that their games have a lot of bugs right now (especially on PC, where players can’t even get to them). So, rewards cannot be more valuable than they are now not to create an injustice between those who can play them perfectly and those who can’t. Likewise, these events are not controlled by the developer behind them Marvel SnapSecond Dinner, if not by their Nuverse editors, extra reason not to “hope they get better soon.”

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