Rocket League leaks a preview of Fortnite Chapter 4

Chapter 3 of Fortnite It’s nearing its end and Epic Games has everything ready to create hype every day of this last week of life. Even if that leads to merging with other titles.

And that’s it the latest promo of Rocket League refers directly to Fracture, the season finale event from Fortnite, and therefore also of chapter. A change of era that could take us back to the previous island, with significant changes but with some of the classic locations.

So much so that you can see clear clues of what was experienced in both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Epic’s Battle Royale. Or maybe it is our vivid imagination, and that of much of the community, that plays tricks on us. Although Octane’s missions are still going on Fortnitenothing seems coincidental.

A playing field in a beautiful Asian setting, two cars facing each other accelerate to run over each other, causing a collision in the world. This is where the battle royale factor comes into play, appreciating a clear crack like Kevin’s that seems to destroy part of the stage, only to finally see a strange crystal ball shatter.

The fracture, Kevin’s crack and even the setting well reminiscent of the location of lucky landing, which could return for Chapter 4 and that’s where this match takes place. A fusion between both worlds that could also continue in this new era, since the game that this variant of vehicles gives us in relation to the one we knew is interesting enough to extend the promo between both titles.

Whether this is all real or not, the hype is already more than on, and there’s still a week left before the big event.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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