Marvel Snap: how many level tokens does each player get for free?


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The next update of Marvel Snap marked for December 5 is a turning point for the achievement of cards as we know it in the card game, an escalation thanks to the implementation of the new tokens or collection tokens to allow at that time an increase in the possibilities to collect specific cards from minute 1, but how many chips does each player get?

The mechanics of getting cards in Marvel Snap It will be delivered in a few weeks thanks to The Token Shop, a small space in the store where every eight hours will rotate a card that can be bought with collectible coins, and it is precisely this one that will give away the game, adjusted the number according to each player.

Each player’s account status is the size chosen by Marvel Snap to differentiate how many collectible tokens are given to each player from the next season focused on Silver Surfer, so it is essential to be at a higher level to opt for the maximum possible rewards to buy cards as soon as possible.

  • If you are between collection levels 500 and 999, you get 3,000 pennies.
  • If you have improved something and you are between 1,000 and 2,999 you get 6,000 pennies.
  • If you are a hero with more than 3,000 levels of collecting, take 12,000 pennies.

The figure in each cycle is this because from now on Marvel Snap it puts these collectible tokens into the collect level prizes and does so by substituting powerups for each card, so it’s sort of a global compilation of what each user should have received in that slot.

For all players below 500 collecting levels, those 3,000 tokens will be saved for when they reach that number, so they will also receive the gift the moment they move to pool 3.

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