Day and time of the Clash Royale tournament of champions: from Rubius to Xokas


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royal clash close 2022 with one of the funniest proposals in content creation with a push to their game in the so-called 5 Champions Tournament, a one-day competition where Cristinini, IlloJuan, Rubius and Xokas will fight each other after being trained by Beniju looking for a trophy and 20,000 euros to donate to an association.

The diversity of champions within royal clash It’s worth Supercell taking four of Spain’s top content creators with the idea of ​​taking their game to the next level with a closed tournament this Friday, November 25, kicking off a short but intense competition with a schedule Estimated to start at 8:00 PM CET.

At that point, the four content creators will already be live from their channel to live the experience of a five-voice tournament, where Beniju will be the master of ceremonies, coach and narrator in equal parts, although the biggest surprise of all is that the system of games and the bracket is not yet known.

A priori it makes sense to have the four streamers play a semi-final, but given the lack of information it is possible that they all play against all in a Bo3 to determine who is the best. The only premise that each of the candidates must meet is to choose a champion of the game to benefit from the name of the tournament, and this has been the election:

Which champion has each streamer chosen?
  • Cristinini: Golden Knight
  • IlloJuan: Monk
  • Xokas: Sagittarius Queen
  • Rubius: King of the Skeleton

IlloJuan is the one most attached to Clash Royale because it starts from scratch, but it has one of the most disgusting decks in the game… the famous elixir golem with phoenix, monk and warrior healer. Xokas had about 1,000 cups, but he’s the most tried and true streamer in the entire community, so he’ll give it his all from the start.

Rubius and Cristinini start with a bit more advantage as they have more experience in the game, both around 5,000 cups but Cristina is a bit higher, although Beniju has confessed that Rubius asks him every night to improve something before the tournament.

The starting time of the Tournament of 5 Champions
  • Spain: 8:00 pm. (Canary Islands: 7:00 pm.)
  • Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador: 1:00 pm.
  • Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Panama: 2:00.
  • Bolivia, Cuba, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Chile: 03:00.
  • Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay: 4:00 in the afternoon.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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