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From events to merchandise, this is what the Inven stand looked like at G-Star 2022

G-Star 2022 had a lot of eye-catching, cool booths. From large stalls occupying the center of Exhibition Hall 1 to small to medium-sized stalls filling the remaining spaces, as well as stalls showing flair in Exhibition Hall 2, it took half a day to visit them all.

There was a booth with stamping events, game demos and merchandise sales: the Inven Booth! This may sound like self-aggrandizement, but it is true. From testing various gaming equipment such as computers, laptops, gaming chairs and other equipment to various events, fans could take photos and buy Inven’s merchandise.

In addition to Inven’s main sponsor, Intel, the Inven booth consisted of many different zones, such as Inven Gaming Experience Zone, Market Inven, Goose Goose Duck, Teamfight Tactics, Steelseries, Sidiz and many others. Fans could collect stamps from each zone and purchase official Blizzard and League of Legends merchandise through our Market Inven.

This is what it looked like.

Here it is! The stand of Inven!
After collecting stamps, you could get your hands on the cute “Bbik” bag
It’s all about the size of your phone. Very helpful
Each session had its own event
On the Lenovo Legion Station you can test different gadgets for games
At the end of this long row…
An exciting adventure zone was waiting for you
Play racing games on laptops
13th generation Intel Core processor zone
In this zone you can test Steelseries equipment
There was also the Teamfight Tactics zone
Let’s play a game, shall we?
After that you could get stamps and stickers
A photo booth to take pictures with Inven’s friends!
You can also take photos at the goose-goose-duck session
Say goose!
This part of the stock stand is an integral part of G-Star
Market Inven where you left with your hands full!
From badges to mousepads
Enough for everyone
The snake got bigger!
They could only be seen while waiting in line
The Sidiz zone, full of comfortable play seats
Click when it turns green!
After collecting all the stamps, you can exchange them for…
A chance to win stuff like this!

Author: Soojin “Eonn” Kim, Daniel “Quest” Kwon

Source: Inven Global


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