The 4 Brawl Stars offers on Black Friday … it’s about mega boxes


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The Black Friday seal also reaches all sorts of video games like brawl stars in the daily dynamic with the store’s offers in a special week for the competitive Supercell for the World Finals, a note painting the main menu black to get a good pack of mega boxes in exchange for gems among many other proposals.

The usual walk through the store brawl stars to collect the daily price Black Friday dates become a necessary habit to see exactly what’s on offer to convert this week into deciding whether or not to spend the gems and the truth is that having 10 Megaboxes is a unique opportunity with only five days of support.

From now Thursday 24 November to Monday 28 November, brawl stars It will keep its four Black Friday offers, both in exchange for real and in-game currency, all with these options where the 10 x6 value added mega boxes stand out:

  • 10 mega boxes for 129 gems (x6 value)
  • A twin spray and 20 gems for 1.19 euros (x3 value)
  • 100 gems and 2,000 chips for 5.99 euros (value x2)
  • 432 gems for 23.99 euros (20% discount)

It depends on each user’s desire, it will be more worthwhile to look for the gems to ensure that the next battle passes or a small package of gems to ensure a specific purchase, but without a doubt, the value for money along with the discounts quite good.

They all arrive exactly one day before Black Friday and also become the preview of what will be the World Finals of Disneyland in Paris on November 25, the start day of the 3-day competition where the skin can be obtained for free from Enraged Tara .

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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