The answers to the 30 questions of the Brawl Stars World Finals


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The competitive landscape of the 2022 World Finals of brawl stars They have a small gas leak in the filtration of the 30 questions with their respective answers, a halo of light for the community to more easily get the long-awaited skin of Enraged Tara for everyone who scores points thanks to the questions, interaction and predictions.

in the last hours The data miners’ most powerful leak was not that of a new Brawl Talk in full, but the full questions of all issues raised during the 3 days of Worlds 2022 of brawl starsso everyone study what the answers will be to earn free points between November 25 and November 27.

  1. What is Gus a specialist in? Make animal balloons
  2. What is the Season 14 Star League skin? lola outlaw
  3. Who wasn’t in the Bat Squad? Genius
  4. What is the Brawl Pass first skin? little outlaw
  5. Which players have been in Beyond the Brawl? iKaoss and Yoshi
  6. How many hits does it take to charge Gus’s super? 4
  7. How often are the trophies reset? 4 weeks
  8. Where will the 2022 World Finals be played? Paris
  9. Which player said casters shouldn’t analyze the draft? angel boy
  10. Which SEA and ANZ team ranked? Strong Esports
  11. Which team fell apart after the October final? F/A Team Wood
  12. Which LATAM team is participating in Worlds 2022? AQM and Chasmac
  13. How many places are there in the World Cup for LATAM? 3
  14. Which team won the September monthly finals at LATAM S? Chasmac Gaming BR
  15. Has any team other than Chasmac ever won a monthly final? Yes
  16. Who won the September FM in East Asia? ZETA DIVISION Zero
  17. Who has the most FM wins in 2022? ZETA ZERO or One? None, they’re tied up
  18. Which team will play their first world final? angelic
  19. How many teams are there from East Asia? two
  20. Who won the September FM in EMEA? SW gaming
  21. When did Hmble play its last FM? July
  22. Which teams won the FM twice in 2022? Answer Totem and Tribe EU
  23. Who won in NA and LATAM in September’s FM? Vatra Gaming
  24. Which player represents Guatemala? killer
  25. Which team won the most FM in 2022? Tribe Gaming NA

*In the list are not the 30 but the 25 of which we have a correct answer, as the final approaches and we have all the answers we will update them in this news.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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