Marvel Snap introduces vibranium: instant combos and counters


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The energy of Wakanda is becoming more and more present in Marvel Snap with the appearance of vibranium, a new element turned into a card thanks to vibranium mines that especially helps Kazar decks with a new injection of extremely strong power for quick combinations in the first turns of the game.

The news rain Marvel Snap with the inclusion of 16 new letters among those presented in the pool 4 and the pool 5 for the new update they do not stop the progress of the game and that is that the vibranium appears and breaks all cannons with a particularly powerful card of 1 cost and 4 strength that is particularly difficult to destroy thanks to its ability.

As usual with new locations, vibranium mines will appear in the game en masse in the next 48 hours with a 40% chance of being present in each of the games, so it is necessary to look for support decks that are powerful for combat with these new letters.

The most powerful strategy is to look for a deck with a lot of 1-Cost cards to dump them all in the mines in the first turns and get as much vibranium as possible, and build from there on the likes of Angela, Quinjet or Crystal to fill your hand with the new letter.

Sera is one of the ideal companions for this deck along with Okoye and Nakia as the two Wakanda characters complement each other and then take down Sera and dump all vibranium for free in the last turn, an explosion that can get even bigger if you dump all the power in issue ‘4’ with Brain in Kazar decks.

These decks are alternatives to what we just told you to get the base of Kazar decks with a lot of level 1 pieces from there, but you have to add the said cards without removing all the victory conditions in case Brain doesn’t show up later, Kazar or the vibranium.

Vibranium counters

The clearest counters for Kazar’s decks are Wave and Sandman due to the requirement to draw only one card and high cost, while small pieces like Hazmat, Black Widow, Debrii or any of the goblins will make life impossible for him by filling more holes faster . than usual for the enemy.

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