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4 decks of the royal pigs in Clash Royale, they return to the meta!

Goal management royal clash with the appearance of new nerf for the phoenix it begins to leave some decks with the recovery of victory conditions such as royal pigs, one of the most powerful cards in the bridge that seems to reclaim its space with all kinds of cycles in which the last legendary appears and stops appearing according to the style of the deck.

The Phoenix nerf at the start of the week marks a global shift in the selection of decks for big challenges by the pros, and following the guidance of the best players in the world. royal clash It is clear where the goal is going, something that seems to have real pigs as protagonists for now.

Previous nerfs notwithstanding, few cards rely so much on cycling past Hog Rider or Ram Rider to deal damage to the enemy’s tower just by deploying them, and that makes Lees particularly good at all kinds of decks, with and without the two new cards involved.

Cycled with mini pekka

Royal Hog Cyclers re-establish themselves in the meta with plenty of fast-paced maps, earthquake support, and Mini Pekka interaction to drop tanks like the Noble Giant, from the most powerful win conditions.

The same atmosphere

That same earlier dynamic can be seen in similar decks involving the phoenix and the monk, the same combat style with more offensive alternatives and the fighter’s defensive control.

Deck of royal pigs in Clash Royale

bridge spam

The bridge spam half of the royal pigs goes through the famous golden knight skeleton giant deck where the mother witch is in control of the game every time she defends waves of enemies.

Deck of royal pigs in Clash Royale

Bombardier Tower

A cycle similar to the similar one but with a different dynamic is the bombardier tower, a support in the buildings to forget about and more directly defend fishmongers and hunters.

Deck of royal pigs in Clash Royale

Source: Esports Eldes Marque


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