IlloJuan joins Rubius and Xokas in the new Clash Royale tournament


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the week of royal clash Spanish-language content creators have one of the strongest points of the year with the 5 Champions Tournament, a five-star open challenge led by Beniju, where four streamers far from Supercell’s game will battle for the throne from a semi-final where IlloJuan , Xokas and Rubius have already been confirmed.

The search in the top tier of the most powerful streamers in terms of views and followers leaves three of the biggest on Twitch in the loop of royal clash for the 5 Champions Tournament, a challenge opened by Supercell in which they will fight among themselves after being trained by beniju to perform a certain elimination.

With three consecutive days of surprises until IlloJuan was revealed as the third member this Tuesday, Beniju has confirmed that this match will be held on Friday afternoon, November 25, starting at 8pm. CET, another confrontation where each of the players will also come from different experiences.

From the little we know about the tournament, IlloJuan’s card game is, and it’s that the man from Malaga is the one who spends the fewest hours on royal clash so Beniju has instructed him to perform one of the grossest combos in the whole game, elixir golem next to healer and rage next to phoenix push.

Rubius for his part is a bit more confident in a spot close to 5,000 cups on his private account, while Xokas also has some experience after a previous tournament between content creators, so the man from Malaga will be the one who will start with a little less First Tier … although he will have more proximity to Beniju in terms of advice. We still need to know what the fourth member will be, will anyone find out just by looking at the shaded figure?

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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