Riot Games shares the tournament format and slot allocation of the EMEA Masters Spring 2023


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November 21, 2022 – As we usher in a new era of LoL Esports in EMEA, we reveal the format and slot allocation for the rebranded EMEA Masters.

New name, new region, more incredible talent: welcome to the newly named EMEA Masters 2023!

Last week we announced that Europe, Türkiye, CIS and MENA will be merged to create EMEA, an expanded region for the future of the competition. And now we have more information about one of the most important tournaments in our ecosystem: EMEA Masters.

EMEA Masters brings together the champions of the EMEA Regional League (ERLs) in a clash of the region’s most exciting rising stars. The former EU Masters tournament produced players who progressed from the ERLs to the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) and made their way onto the international stage as representatives of the EMEA Crown Jewels competition.

Among the representatives of the LECs Worlds 2022, 11 of the 21 starting players were direct graduates of the ERLs. Some of the LEC’s most successful teams are filled with players who entered the EU Masters stage a few years ago in search of domestic and international glory.

And now EMEA Masters brings you a whole new level of competition – we are pleased to announce that the Türkiye Championship League (TCL) and Arabian League (AL) will join our existing 11 ERLs in sending representatives to the tournament .

As we enter a new era in EMEA, a new generation of ERL stars are stepping into the spotlight – and the EMEA Masters Spring is their first chance to show what they can do against representatives of the wider ERL community.

The format of the tournament remains unchanged for 2023 – starting with the Play-in Group Stage, where 16 teams will be divided into groups of four to qualify and attempt to qualify for the Play-in Knockout Stage. The top two teams in each play-in group advance to the play-in KO stage, with the winning team from each match progressing to the main group stage.

In the Main Group Stage, the four qualifying teams from the play-in join the 12 teams that have automatically qualified for the Main Group Stage, are divided into four groups and compete in a best-of-one double-round layout. From these four groups, eight teams (two from each group) advance to the Quarter-Finals, where teams compete in best-of-five matches through to the Grand Final to become the best in EMEA.

With the addition of two new leagues to our ecosystem, our slot allocation changes for leagues participating in EMEA Masters. Here is an overview of how many teams from each league will be invited to the EMEA Masters Spring:

LFL – 2 main stages, 1 play-in
TCL – 2 main stages, 1 play-in
SL – 2 main stage
PRM – 2 main stage
UL – 2 main stage
NLC – 1 main stage, 1 play-in
PGN – 1 main stage, 1 play-in
Enter EBL-2
Enter LPLOL-2
GLL-2 responds
ESLOL – 2 plays in
Enter HM-2
Enter AL-2

13 leagues, 28 teams and everything to play for at the EMEA Masters 2023. The battle for regional pride has only just begun – which team will you be rooting for?

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Source: Inven Global

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