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Fortnite hints at Fracture, the longest event in its history

Fortnite prepares to expand its story with the biggest event ever made at the end of the cycle and that’s what the Fracture framework is pointing to saying goodbye to season 3 chapter 4 a goodbye to the history of chrome ending with a map refresh, a fade to black, and a longer duration than usual.

This Saturday, December 3, the players of Fortnite They have a 4-way date ahead of them with Fracture, the final event of the season that collects quite a few hypes to explain the end of the story, a chest of secrets that will be revealed for the first time in EPic Games history. have a different closure than the rest for the extension.

Fracture is the last point and apart from what has been experienced so far in recent months, a farewell in the form of an event that for the first time holds an idea of ​​​​its duration and that is that Fortnite has made it official that players will be able to join the event even 40 minutes into the event, indicating that Fracture will last around 45-50 minutes at best.

Fractura will therefore be available around 10 p.m. and until 10:40pm you can enter to see what’s happening on the map with the chrome conversions in groups of four players. In addition, it can be played from the usual PC device as well as on mobile or in the cloud from Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, another option to continue in Fracture without being live outside of the content creators themselves.

Also Fortnite expect the closure of the Fracture to be “The beginning of the end,” a phrase delineating what will happen to the game for a few hours with a fade to black that will shut down the server a few hours after the events of the event yourself. Of course, anyone who logs in between December 2 at 3:00 PM CET and December 4 at 8:45 AM CET will get the Bocadito tostadito emote.

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