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Grefg’s big secret with Fortnite is hiding a new skin?

the alliance of Fortnite with content creators, one of Epic Games’ workhorses is to expand the number of players from the get-go, and that same idea appears to be replicated in the Chapter 3 – Season 4 conclusion, as Grefg revealed with the deployment of a new event related to something very big, everything points to the link of a new skin.

Grefg’s relationship with Fortnite is one of the most extraordinary in the current panorama of content creation from time immemorial, and one has only to remember the famous record event with the presentation of its personalized skin for the game, but the reinvention of the game at the gates of the breach seems hiding something bigger on the horizon.

For example, Grefg himself revealed in his livestream a few days ago to start feeding the hype of what’s to come, which is that the streamer slides that he’s going to be holding an event at the end of November to showcase something really big, and keeps mentioning under allusions what happened the last time he and Fortnite they did something together.

In his words, it’s easy to get lost between the bait and what the live show will hide, but there’s a lot to imagine behind what Grefg says: «Before the end of the season I will be doing a new Fortnite presentation live, and the last one I did, what was it about? There you have things to speculate about. They still won’t let me say it because if they don’t cut my egg cup. And what was the last presentation? The one from my Fortnite skin. Well, there’s a new one at the end of November, it’s a new chance that Fortnite has given me and it will be handsome«.

Everything seems clearly aimed at generating hype for Chapter 4, but taking into account Grefg’s words, that can only be two things: or a new boost to his old skin through a recreationimprovement or modification, or the conversion of the famous skin into something related to merchandising.

The last option would be to create a new skin from scratch but the latter seems quite difficult given that it hasn’t gotten enough hype to raise the expectations of other times so for now it just needs to come at the expense of the date to know what will be the big secret after the event.

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