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Top 4 Death Decks in Marvel Snap on Elimination

The discovery of Dood or Dood in group 3 of Marvel Snap shows a great win condition for one of the best established archetypes in the meta during the early weeks of the game such as elimination, a unique opportunity to leave one of the most dangerous cards in the entire game free with one to change matchups in the last turn.

The elimination combos to make way for Death in the game’s final turns are some of the most fun of them all Marvel Snap because of the wide variety of betting options on the card with power 12, but do you know how to use all those decks to achieve victory?

It will be control

Sera’s late-turn handling combined with card removal is one of the most powerful decks in the meta right now, and Death joins it perfectly if you take advantage of it 100%. There are irreplaceable cards like Angela, Killmonger or Shang-Chi, but the rest are make way for others like The Hood, Bucky, Mysterio or Maximus according to specific combos.

Taskmaster+ Death

The Attrition deck is solely focused on taking spot power with Bucky and removing cards to appreciate Death with the ultimate combo alongside TaskMaster, but there’s a lot to destroy. If you’re looking for more victory conditions in the deck, you can introduce an interchangeable piece like Yondu and Wolverine for Zero and Red Skull to have more power in the final turns.

Death Deck at Marvel Snap

Professor dead

The removable decks are very similar, but in this case the combo of Destroyer + Professor X, Armor and Death has everything to win in the last few turns. It may be difficult to put everything in one game, but with a large part it is easy to climb in rating.

Death Deck at Marvel Snap

Risky death

The most experimental and risky card game on the block continues discarding not eliminating to dream that Ghost Rider and Hela are able to pull the most powerful cards out of limbo with maximum power. Risky but great fun.

Death Deck at Marvel Snap

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