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5 top decks of the noble giant, the strongest card in all of Clash Royale

The Meta Plungers of royal clash in the last month of battles they make the monk and the phoenix the perfect combination to enter the vast majority of competitive decks, but in the depths of the meta there is a much more efficient card that analyzes what has been this 2022, a wave of changes of balance where a single card has remained on top: the noble giant.

The victory condition linked to hard push decks is one of the most recognized worldwide inside and outside the game due to its link with one of the most notorious Spanish-language streamers, but the truth is that in the game it has remained one of the best options to beat rivals destroy with all kinds of decks.

The basis of this demo lies in statistics. Having a win condition like the noble giant with 55-60% of games won enforced through most of 2022 is a real outrage that barely exceeds a few cards in the game, even less if we put it have about those who win games with just showing up in the arena.

Whatever the classification of the cards, to this day the noble giant and the auger are the only victory conditions established with a positive rating to be part of the top 10 best troops in the game, but so the noble has quite a while.

That consistency is now worth discovering in the past week as the fifth best letter of royal clashthe second victory condition behind the miner, but globally only after the zappies, the goblins and the fisherman, although in a global analysis it has barely made it out of the top ten in recent months.

In fact, the power of the monk and the phoenix in the past month is beyond the grain to land the last two characters in royal clash, make the noble giant appear in several decks with these two cards to take center stage in some of the most important decks in the game. Of course, we’ll leave some left in case everyone hasn’t unlocked the new champion and the legendary flying troop.

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