Fortnite: chasing a shiny loot animal, how to complete


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Like every Thursday Fortnite activated a new batch of weekly missions on November 17, matching that of the week 9 of season 4all the surprising last part of all of Chapter 3, ending in another great event.

A series of missions that lead us to deal damage with a silenced submachine gun, drive a vehicle through the chrome vertex, or slide 250 meters with the single-shot hang launcher. But one of these challenges is generating more confusion among some users, such as hunting shiny loot animal.

In a chapter where chrome is a major protagonist, and more and more as the seasons progressed until it invaded much of the island map, and with many missions involving evochrome weapons, chrome elements, or chrome animals, some users of Fortnite They hunt these kinds of animals. However, they are far from done completing this mission.

Prey animals are the ones we know most of our lives. That raven that shines in purple that we know will give us a good weapon, or that precious shark that shines in gold, knowing that its death hides a legendary weapon. Chickens, wolves, boars, crows and sharksthose are prey animals.

If they also shine, it’s that the loot will be much better, and these are the ones we’ll have to hunt for, or at least once as this challenge marks. And a great deal of the luck we have in the game will depend on it.

There is no mathematical formula in it Fortnite for this. We can fall a hundred times into the lake of Pisos Picados, and the shark usually found in these waters is not clear, or it could be that in our first game the first thing we see is a golden chicken running next to us. Always cross country, as it would be extremely rare to see a wolf in full location by name (yes crows, but we wouldn’t be able to find just this one).

Depending on the animal we’re looking for, the pastures are more for chickens, the desert maybe more for wolves and wild boars, the two great lakes clearly for sharks, and crows flying all over the island. But this is not a certainty either, so that the best advice is regardless of the type of animal pay attention to everything that shines on the horizonand hurry, otherwise a rival will be the one to take out the animal.

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