Fortnite: the hidden power of off-road tires, free kills


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In Fortnite There are a thousand and one ways to kill your enemy. Shooting, burning, detonating, running over it, finishing with the harvesting tool, ramming with an animal… But apart from weapons, there are many more tricks that few expect.

Many know that of launching your enemy into the storm with an impulse grenade in the last bars of the game, but that of only use off-road tires to kill an opponent maybe you didn’t expect it. An art at the height of only a few, literally speaking.

And it is that playing with height is the main key to making this trick work. On a map with a multitude of relief areas, and now also airborne locations, now is the perfect time to exploit this way to completely overwhelm your enemies.

Such is the case of this reddit user, who uses various tapes as his main weapons and takes down a large number of opponents. It’s not easy, of course, as numerous conditions have to be met for it to work.

First of all, since it is not a cumulative element, we can only have one, although we can get it again after it is launched. So if we want more than one to be able to quickly dispose of, we already lose two or more spaces from our inventory, so that hurts in Fortnite.

And second, it only works when we’re on top of a cliff, a mountain, a tall building, a tall structure, or a high location, like the balloons that hold some of the locked cameras. If it’s a small and closed space, much better, because a point-blank shot will send our opponent quite far, and if there’s no ground on his feet, we’ve already got the assured kill.

A little trick to make the games more interesting, if you are one of those who don’t care about the risk of going wrong and getting a shotgun blast that sends us straight to the next game.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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