LEC confirms 2023 revolution and explains format changes


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there is more to start LEC 2023but the community League of Legends i really want to try this revolutionary new format It will completely change the understanding of competition in our region.

Details were already known from leaks a few weeks ago, but it was up to Riot Games to explain how everything would work. From the introduction of new teams such as KOI and Heretics to the family expansion of the EMEA region, including the Middle East and North Africa.

Grodo will somehow split the new LEC Three shorter, more intense episodes with a single grand finale to crown the season champion. Thus came the end of two finals, one in the spring and one in the summer, many regular stage matches that went nowhere when all the fish were already sold.

New format for LEC 2023

Contrary to rumors on the transfer market, it’s a refreshing vibe that only fuels the excitement of the competition that will return next January. A frenzy full of big games everywhere, rewarding the best teams for more matches against each other.

  • Separation of winter, spring and summer
    • Three-week regular phase (one Bo1 with each of 9 opponents)
    • Eight best advances to the group stage
    • The two eliminated teams no longer play until the next split.
  • GSL format
    • The group stage will be a double opportunity. The winners will face off and the losers will do the same.
    • Matches Bo3
    • The first four to reach both wins qualify for the playoffs.
    • The four eliminated will wait for the next episode to start
  • Finals, also in GSL
    • Double elimination format again
    • Matches Bo5
    • The winner will be the champion of the division
    • Six qualified teams: three champions and top three by points throughout the season
    • Four-week finals, matches with Bo5
    • Winner to be declared champion of LEC 2023

There are many doubts to be resolved that will be answered as the competition approaches. More news is revealed, such as the start dates for each episode, which team will be competing at MSI, and news from our European Masters as well. It’s been weeks of leaks, announcements, and a whole lot of hype.

Source: Esports Eldes Marque

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