Overwatch 2: Do you have to pay Plus or Gold to play online?


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The reboot of the franchise with the evolution to Overwatch 2 is a giant leap for Blizzard with the idea of ​​revitalizing the shooter to give it a new look, and one of the major changes is the move to free-to-play with the corresponding turn to own both free the game and in the online format for any type of game whether on PC or platforms.

Overwatch 2 it will be free, and so will cross-platform play. It’s so easy to understand that from the night of Tuesday, October 4, the rules around online will change, since until now you had to pay to play Overwatch PS Plus, Xbox Live Gold or Nintendo Switch Online, but the second part of the game will not have those needs.

Similar to other free online multiplayer video games like Genshin Impact or Pokémon Unite and many others, Overwatch 2 It renews its system to be much more accessible, something it achieves by accessing a larger number of players thanks to its free nature, but above all with permission for all types of users so that they do not have to pay the monthly online subscription.

This foundation is rooted in the battle pass to get characters, accessories and skins, among many other rewards with a pay per season to reach all corners of the game, and therein lies the need to take the plunge to adapt to some needs. in 2016 were completely different.

overwatch it triumphed at the time, but it was filled with success and exploded from its player base to the competitive without interruption of a natural evolution that did not come over the years, something that now turns into a reinvention that we explain here with a lot of detail showing the reduction of players per team for each game.

Now all you need to do is download the game on a console or PC and, if you like, link to the famous battle.net account on one of these platforms to merge what has happened over the years. has been reached in overwatch. Vice is about to start again, we’ll see how long it stays on the wave of the mainstream.

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