Brawl Stars extends Sam’s power range at the request of nerfs


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The Debate Over Sam’s Exaggerated Power in the Meta of fighting stars has yet to be discovered after a few weeks of testing without the full skill kit, but with certain nerf requests, the devs keep the tank as it is, while introducing its second star skill, an extra power to charge the super a little faster than usual. usual.

Sam’s treatment is one of the most interesting of all fighting stars if it is possible to capture the essence of the character as needed in each game mode, and the control of the knucklebusters is essential to know when to launch them, how to do it and above all with what idea the melee or range range becomes abused according to needs.

That’s where the launch this Tuesday, October 4, of remote charging comes in, the second star power capable of charging the character’s ultimate when the knucklebuster is close to an enemy, a curious ability that gives the character a twist. cares about changing his game mode with regard to what has been seen in recent weeks.

Sam is a strange tank with the ability to burst enemies thanks to his skills and exactly the first star power seems to be broken according to the voices of the community and some professionals so it would be strange not to see a nerf in the next change of balance to reduce that healing. But the alternative seems to have nothing to do with this game mode.

While we could be aggressive with the first, the super’s passive charge with remote reload has a different use that is more about controlling spaces and zoning the opponents than anything else because it’s easy to avoid the knucklebuster zone if you do not facilitate the enemy to the charge. Also, when casting the Super, Sam usually tries to harass an enemy to take them out, so it wouldn’t make sense to use the Star Ability.

That’s exactly why the lake is conceived as a hook to pull enemies away from a central or fundamental area in the passage, although it’s not nearly as important as Bo’s mines or any of the turrets. A priori, the first star with healing is the best decision, although we leave you the complete kit here so you have the possible combos in mind.

  • Star Ability 1: Heals Today Not Tomorrow – After reloading Knuckle Busters, Sam immediately recovers 30% health
  • Star Ability 2: Remote Reload – Sam’s knucklebusters charge super when he’s on the ground near enemies
  • Gadget 1: magnetic field – when the knucklebreakers are on the ground, Sam can activate them to attract enemies (Tara’s super style but no damage)
  • Gadget 2: Pulse Resistant – once on the ground, the subsequent knuckles Sam throws sends out an electrical pulse that knocks enemies back (again no damage)

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