Brawl Stars plays with three new and impossible surprise skins


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to the team of fighting stars he has always loved to play with his community. This is where we’re part of the game, involved in a lot of the important stuff, and because of this we also have occasional trolls from the developers.

An eternal game of creating hype with something that will never come, and in the case of their social networks it is very common to present to us elements that are far from a viable option. And there comes the infinite world of impossible skins.

Over the years we have seen brawlers in various promotions with all kinds of aspects that do not exist. Some come to the game years later and give the surprise, but others are pure marketing. The bad thing is they are skins so beautiful that many would like to see them come true.

It’s the recent case of Sandy, Eve and Spike. ‘s team fighting stars He posed a question to his community to invent a new group of three fighters. Maybe looking for the third member of Belle and Sam’s gold bracelet. a promo with three western skins for these three fighters.

Strangely enough, they all belong to three different threesomes: Sandy to the Mystics, Eve to the Starr Force and Spike to the original western trio (with Shelly and Colt). But that doesn’t stop them from feeling great about these fresh new skins.

Spike is king again, literally behind that skin we haven’t heard from since, as it’s the most groundbreaking aspect of the three. Although we admit that Eve is very cute with that hat, which, when viewed from above, would prevent us from seeing the fighter, just a giant hat shooting. Will the day come when we see that Spike skin also marrying its original theme from fighting stars?

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