Wordle today: clues and solutions for Wednesday, September 28


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The word Today, this Wednesday, September 28, he proposes a journey between astrology, the sea and space-time in three versions that are a bit more complex than usual due to the strangeness of certain letters, as happens with the normal ones, albeit with a few clues. one arrives at each test with greater ease, a challenge to open the day and seek help with some clues before looking for the solution at the end of the news.

While we’re not kidding ourselves, there’s always some time for today’s Wordle, and it even helps us be more focused in the morning. A daily practice that can sometimes even lead to frustration when we get stuck, which is why at Esports ElDesmarque we offer you a little help to solve each of the challenges on September 28th.

But as always, a good start is always important. And choosing words with a large number of vowels or the most popular consonants can help. Words like Patio, Radio, Audio, Sedate or Dinner. While not something that is mathematically fulfilled, playing with the odds is always a plus that comes in handy.

normal word
  • Tracks:
    • A good plan with your partner or friends
    • Two kicks and overboard
    • Start with ‘K’
    • boat or canoe
scientific word
  • Tracks:
    • It’s a tricky word
    • Start with ‘T’
    • Act and result of parenting
    • From Greek τροφός (trophos), “responsible for feeding a child”
    • We had never heard of it
Word with accents
  • Tracks:
    • In 2016, he stopped being what he was to become a dwarf
    • The name is due to a Roman mythological god
    • It was discovered in February 1930
    • Sharp word starting with ‘P’
    • It’s under Neptune’s orbit
Solution of every word

If we’re still stuck with the clues on offer and that word we have on the tip of our tongues doesn’t come true, here are the various solutions for today’s Wordle, August 28, 2022.

  • Standard: Kayaking: Fishing canoe used by the Eskimos, traditionally made of sealskin, the lid of which has only one opening, closed with a waterproof material that fits on the crew member’s trunk.
  • Scientist: Understanding: Knowledge or idea one has of something.
  • Accents: Pluto: one of the solar system’s dwarf planets that was re-cataloged in 2006 is located after Neptune’s orbit.

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