The 16 New Banners for Season 40 of Clash Royale


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A new season is coming clash royale to break in on this Monday October 3rd. A very special one and very celebrated because we are on the doorstep Clash-O-Weena holiday more than expected by a large number of people around the world.

And as for the Supercell title, the new season brings a new Pass Royale and its rewards, as well as an intense and last-minute modified balance change which eventually deblins the goblins and the knight. I’m looking forward to seeing that buff-flavored defenestrated barbarian hut, trying to revive the map.

We will have the same sand every year, that’s true, but it’s already precious enough not to need new sand for a while. Although more news will come, of course we will have 16 new battle banners which we can show off if we manage to get hold of them. Clearly emphasizing how cool and cute the extremely special ones are. Well, they are harder to get for a reason.

We’ll probably have four, two generic wallpapers and another two with the ghost king and the tombstone, no more. The action starts with the specials, finding a bat, another from the mega henchman and a particularly powerful one from the oven, with three generic but themed backgrounds from this Halloween fest.

And finally, Clash Royale gives it all with those banners of extremely special rarity where the Sleepy Hollow-style headless prince stands out, accompanied by a baby dragon throwing pumpkins and a mini pekka enjoying the Clash-O-Ween.

So it’s time to put in the effort to fight for them, and most importantly, be lucky enough to release the weirdest and coolest of these 16 new Battle Banners for Halloween Season 40 for the month of October. clash royale.

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