Brawl Stars is considering another buff for Gus, the new brawler


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‘s new fighter fighting stars It didn’t start with the best foot we can say. Well, although very little time has passed, the trend seems clear that Gus It is not very convenient to compete at the highest level.

That means in the Star League or Club League the good Gus can serve as an element of surprise in these first dates, but as we understood the measure, he loses a lot of value against other brawlers very much at the top of the meta.

The same doesn’t happen with Sam, who does enjoy a higher win rate and in a broader sense of utility across different modes and maps. Looks like Gus was of little use last minute buff in the balance change, because now it is in the debate to include a new improvement.

The ‘complaint’ of many is that the reload speed is very low. It is true that in good hands he can burst with his eternal healings and bursts of his mind, but this is almost only effective at low trophies. When we get to a certain level with Gus, his usefulness fades.

Before his release, Brawl Stars buffed his base damage from 920 to 960, making his Super faster. And it also improved exactly that reload speed by 7%. Something that may have fallen short and that’s why Supercell’s game designer Adrian Haggqvist is considering the idea after some suggestions from the community.

when we see this buff Gus or not, time will tell. But not only was a brawl broken for a long time, several improvements were proposed in succession to add value to a meta as varied as the current one.

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