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Ibai explains what the fights of the evening will be like in Tortillaland 2

One of those great days is finally coming, because tomorrow, Sunday, October 2, another Evening of the yearon this occasion more special than ever because it will take place inside tortilla land 2. A beastly reality born of a troll, like all the best ideas.

We already know the five fights that will take place this edition, with the spectacular entry of Mr.Jagger or the expected Spreen vs. JuanSGuarnizo, but there was a great doubt that haunted the whole community. How will the battles be with the constraints of? Minecraft only use the fists?

The magic is brought back by Ale who, like other series such as Squid Games, is also behind this special server for the Tortilla Evening with a sensational work. And so Ibai Llanos announced this Friday afternoon after the press conference and the weigh-in of the boxers.

It won’t be a simple PvP battle, it would be absurd and emotionless. It is a special system made for the occasion. Not only with unique outfits in which they will wear gloves, but they also have boxing skills to perform hooks, sides or uppercuts. And that is of course possible punch blockbecause boxing is mostly defense and footwork.

There will be an official referee and the fights will take place in several rounds to score points to win, in the likely case of no knockout. Well, even if one of them falls to the canvas, they have the ability to get up and fight on.

The hype is through the roof, but it won’t be until the afternoon of this Sunday, October 3rd when we clear up the rest of the doubts about the fights, and that will only happen if we get into the full action of this Night of the Year in tortilla land.

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