Wordle today: clues and solutions for Friday, September 30


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of the vice of word It’s hard to escape, especially when a day like today, Friday, arrives and we’re already ahead of the weekend. It doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning, when you go for coffee at work or when you leave class. That little squeeze of our coconut is always a small release.

Or a triple, if we’re one of those who don’t just have the normal version, if not that we also venture to the scientific versions and with everyday accents. Because there is always a moment, even the ‘All-Bran moment’ in the middle of the day, when we can give ourselves a little break.

But as always, a good start in Wordle is important. Because stagnation and failure can mean the opposite one after the other, and that relief turns into frustration. Therefore, we need not be afraid to resort to some clues that will help us in the task.

normal word
  • Tracks:
    • in feminine
    • Liquid element reference
    • The moon exerts a tremendous force on it
    • A Spanish rock band bears his name
scientific word
  • Tracks:
    • Unit
    • It has no A, neither I nor U
    • There are three great laws
    • The apple… myth or reality?
    • Sir Isaac called him
Word with accents
  • Tracks:
    • in feminine
    • It has neither E nor U
    • Captain Marvel commands that kind of power
    • From space
    • Carl Sagan’s series told us about him
Solution of every word

If we’re still stuck with the clues presented and that word we have on the tip of our tongues doesn’t come true, here are the various solutions for today’s Wordle, September 30, 2022.

  • Normal: Tide – Periodic and alternating movement of rising and setting of the waters of the sea, caused by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon.
  • Scientist: Newton – Unit of force of the International System, equivalent to the force exerted on a body with a mass of 1 kilogram, giving it an acceleration of 1 meter per second every second.
  • Accents: Cosmic – From the cosmos or related to it.

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