Clash Royale: Rewards for all season 40, Clash-O-Ween


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to the delight of many, Halloween It’s just around the corner, but even closer. clash royalewhich will reach its 40th season in just a few days and with it the highly anticipated Clash-O-Ween, with the return of the witches to the arena, and no, we’re not talking about the Sanderson sisters.

We will also be safe from Michael Mayers, because well protected with the bats, the night witch or the mother witch, as expected, this new season will turn against them, which will bring us a new Pass Royale in which we can put our trust in the month October.

A battle pass that promises us a new tower skin and a new emote that is a real delight added to the ‘buff to the map book’ which is again epic after being special and usual over the past two seasons.

Pass Royale (free)

  • 1000 gold
  • 33 crown boxes
  • 1 royal joker chest
  • 50 ordinary pranksters
  • 20 rare jokers
  • 10 epic wilderness
  • 1 Legendary wild card (level 34)
  • 2 chest keys
  • 1 epic card book (level 35)

Pass Royale (Paid)

  • Skin for Haunted Towers (Tier 10)
  • Exclusive Midnight Night Witch Emote (Level 20)
  • 40000 gold
  • 700 regular jokers
  • 140 special jokers
  • 70 epic wilderness
  • 1 Legendary Wildcard
  • Book of Books (Level 5)
  • 4 trade tokens (general, special, epic and legendary)
  • 2 chest keys
  • 1 magic coin (level 30)
  • Gold from the vault (max: 25000)

The decision whether or not to get this Pass Royale from clash royale It’s always hard, but the truth is, some of us aren’t objective when it comes to a holiday like Halloween. Those emotes and those tower skins are worth it, especially to show off, because while the towers are nice, they’re more of the front than our rivals see them. Which doesn’t mean it’s not worth the micropayment for everything it offers us during the season.

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