Upset signs the first PENTAKILL of Worlds 2022


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Despite the last minute fears of many teams to start these matches Worlds 2022 of the League of LegendsThe annoyances seem to have resolved many of them, or at least they did for European teams. first day of play-in.

Both MAD Lions and Fnatic had a double date and both ended in victories. Especially effective after the English team sad positive that started most of the alarms and could eventually be behind a last-minute negative, but his partner Hylissang wasn’t, and that Rhuckz’s input for this play-in.

And good Rubén Barbosa, who didn’t train with his teammates, signed 0/0/8 and 0/0/14 which took the Upset to a stratospheric level, both of which were in the KDA Top 3 after the first game. It didn’t matter much. day.

For its part, 6/0/2 and 9/0/2 were the KDA of a totally insane Upset who knew very well what the starting plan was for each encounter. And they not only destroyed the Australian team, but also humiliated the North American team.

Yeah we had to wait to see so few first pentakill in these Worlds 2022 of the League of Legends. Game 5, championship day 1, Chiefs Esports Club vs Fnatic. And while all is well and capitalizing on the end of Nashor’s buff, Upset pulls this move off his sleeve with a beautiful ultimate from Kalista, with whom he flies, without missing the magic of Portuguese support, with a dominant Nautilus and Portuguese support. everything. match time.

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