Elyoya tests positive for COVID-19 minutes after debuting at Worlds 2022


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For LEC fans, the oxygen cylinder starts to empty after the Fnatic dramas and just minutes after the first Worlds 2022 game since the play-in, the damn MAD Lions and more specifically Elyoya and UNFORG1VEN, both infected with COVID-19 and isolated from the scene, left the team to compete.

Chaos seems to be taking over the LEC teams early in the game. Worlds 2022, There is no other explanation. After a rough week for Fnatic where all of their downlines tested positive for COVID-19, now the path of the disease is starting to leave its mark on other players in the competition, and curiously crosses two blocks of the old continent. .

When Elyoya and UNFORG1VEN were isolated in the rooms, they decided to play from afar because they were fine, but both actors stayed off the stage. The case of MAD Lions is not unique among qualifying teams as there are more affected teams like Isurus Gaming, where ADD is in the same position as the Spanish jungler, due to teams debuting on this first day of the 2022 World Championship. also stays off the stage.

In Fnatic, the situation is a bit more delicate because while Upset will be there on the first day, Hylissang will be out until the second day of combat, but to all this is added to the lack of thin and testing due to the situation as a whole. The block is even more so considering that their main rivals in the group will be playing them this Thursday.

The news will become more weighted by the transition of the players themselves, as the logical thing to do with the transition of teams is that infections will spread over the next few hours and this will gradually repeat itself day by day. the gaps in the main scene are just a small part of the gameplay.

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